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Tools for Evolution: Knowledge and Practice That Make Us Real.

What prevents us from fulfilling our potential and taking our full advantage of the given opportunities? What might be the reason of the difficulties we experience in our life, our relationship, business?

What are the main reasons of our stress and our problems and what kind of solutions do the great psychologists, the spiritual and art masters offer to us?

What kind of obstacles do we meet in our development?

Why do we seldom achieve our goals?

Why do we often feel unhappy?

Why aren’t we still englightened?

We’re searching for the answers to these questions. The questioning itself implies we are really desperate for the Knowledge.

The number of questions is unlimited and they do cover numerous grounds.But there is one thing in common: they all specify our ways to become more REAL and free from IGNORANCE individuals by means of Knowledge and Development .??

If the main goal is to become REAL applying the true knowledge, then we are to possess the integral view of the way we can develop ourselves in six dimensions of our existence; as far as the knowledge is mostly valuable as a tool for evolution.

What is the human world to become to serve its best for the main goal of our universe-the evolution?

All the spheres of life:medicine, ethics, politics, economics, education, everyday life, business, spirituality, everything serves this goal in this world.

We welcome you to discuss all these issues on the XIX conference of the European transpersonal association called «tools for evolution», that will take place in St.Petersburg, 19-23, September,2018.

To fulfill this task we need the integral understanding of the evolution and the set of the optimal «tools for evolution «for the main spheres of life:

1. the evolutional art, psychology, teaching, education to develop the personal dimension
2. the evolutional relations, communications, coaching to develop the interpersonal dimension
3. the evolutional practices,technologies, research, projects, forums, conferences to develop the objective and system dimension.
4. the evolutional practices of balance and centering to develop the midway dimension
5. the evolutional practices of infinity to develop the wisdom dimension

We shall explore these themes in frameworks of the eight major evolutionary tracks:

1. Russian transpersonalism;

2. Transpersonal;

3. Processwork;

4. Integrative and Integral;

5. Body, Ecology, and Society;

6. World religions;

7. Shamanism and ancient tradition;

8. Art.


Date, time Speaker Name of speeches
Evolutionary trackRussian Transpersonalism”
30min Vladimir Maykov Lecture «Russian evolutionists and their discoveries»
Alexander Rozhkin Workshop “Transpersonal Drawing”
Tatiana Ginzburg Lecture “Summary of 3 years experiment in Transpersonal field. Russian House#1. Jenner. California”
Marina Kirukhina Lecture “The symptom as a metaphor in the integration of wholeness. Psychotherapist’s view”
Vladlen Lerner Lecture “Increasing aggression in modern civilization – consequence of quickly transmitted offence”
Eugene Pustoshkin Lecture “Enchanted by Reality: Andrei Tarkovsky and David Lynch as Transpersonal Visionaries and Cinematic Artists (in the Light of Integral Vision)”
Marina Belokurova Lecture ”Russian cultural codes and their impact on Russian transpersonalism”
Irina Kuris, Tonu Soidla Lecture ”On the transfer of experience of Russian transpersonal traditions «(Parade of the died)
Victor Petrenko Lecture “A voice of Russian Transpersonalism”
Irina Zingerman Lecture “A voice of Russian Transpersonalism”
Mars Sary Lecture “Transpersonal narcology in Russia is something to strive for. What would an ideal rehabilitation program for people with drug and alcohol addiction look like?”
Gennady Brevde Lecture “A voice of Russian Transpersonalism”
Alexsandr Zhvakin Lecture “A voice of Russian Transpersonalism”
Uriy Bubeev Lecture “A voice of Russian Transpersonalism”
German Karelsky Lecture “A voice of Russian Transpersonalism”
Evolutionary track “Transpersonal”Russian Transpersonalism”
Alessandra Brunelli Lecture «Illness and Therapy: a transpersonal vision»
Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz Lecture «Beyond narcissism – is there an ego?»
Maria Manzat Tanase Lecture «PUELLA’S CONVERSION INTO A WOMAN»
Manzat Ion Lecture «F.M Dostoievski against S. Freud»
Galen Fous Workshop «Erotic Archetypes, Symbols & Mythic Stories — A Transpersonal View of the Empowering and Healing Dimensions of Authentic Sexuality»
Tina Lindhard Workshop «Introduction to the Intuitive Meditation Method»
Bernadette Blin Lecture “The Power of  connexion”

Lecture «From progress to evolution: What can be the contribution of the Transpersonal to the future?«

Cinzia Lemmo Lecture «Pneuma Breathwork and amplified states of consciousness»
Miguel Angel Morate Sandin Lecture «Carl Gustav Jung and Pneuma’s Psychology»
Peter Fairfield Master class «A Clinical Map of Transpersonal Human Development: An integrated Clinical Model for assessment and treatment of Human, Ancestral and Spiritual development»

Lecture «Transpersonal East/West Perspectives of Dissociative Personality Disorder from Ritual Abuse with Positive Outcome»

Valentina Lattuada Workshop «Integral Transpersonal Theatre — ITActing»
Srinivas Arka Lecture «Tools for Evolution of Consciousness»
Jevon Dangeli Lecture «Open Awareness: Holding The Space for Transformation in Coaching, Therapy and Life!»

Workshop “Embodying Open Awareness Through JUMI (Judo Mind) Practice”

Juan Ruiz Naupari Workshop «Pneuma Breathwork: the experience with Divinity»
Mojca Studen Lecture «Presentation of construction and possible use of holotropic work short and long-term changes survey»
Kati Wortelkamp Lecture «Discovering the transpersonal by Holotropic Breathwork and other tools«
Neta Shaked Kuchli  

Workshop «1. Hero’s juorney 2.Forgiveness»

Workshop «Hero’s journey”

Workshop “Forgiveness»

Alexander Zhvakin Workshop «Intuitive work in a clay field»   

Lecture «Unity with post-traumatic stress”

Nikita Grigoriev Lecture «Who Owns Your Happiness»
Ekaterina Alekseeva Workshop «Trans-throat Breathing»
Rimma Nabiullina

Mars Sary

Workshop “Work with the archetype of the great dragon as a necessary step in the evolution of personality, in the format of the author’s transpersonal breathing practice hypno-suggestive integrative pneumokatharsis”
Yuri Saveliev Lecture «Biosensor creativity as modern technology environmental security of a human health»

Workshop «Biosensory painting and versification, as an effective method for the violation of psychomotor manifestations»

Evolutionary track “Processwork” 
September, 21, 22 Ofra Ayalon Workshop «Metaphorical bridges for connecting the Known and the Unknown»
Rainer Pervöltz Workshop «Unfolding transpersonal consciousness in the supermarket»
Vineta Lagzdina Workshop “Deep Listening and Healing”
Neta Shaked Kuchli Workshop «1. Hero’s juorney 2.Forgiveness»
September, 19 Alexey Razumov Workshop «Process-oriented Sex: Erotic Code and Magnetism”
September, 22, 23 Ludmila Serbina Workshop «Working with a myth and a fairy tale.» Therapy with a fairy tale «
Irina Zingerman Workshop «Children’s dreams, chronic symptoms and life scenarios. Process-oriented approach of Arnold Mindell «

Lecture «The Introduction of Ancient Spiritual Traditions into the Process-Oriented Psychology of Arnold Mindell»

Alexander Smolovoy Lecture «Working with Conflicts Using Processwork Approach by A.Mindell”

Workshop «World work»

Evgeniy Molodov Workshop «Process and System Constellations View of Unbearable Relations”
September, 21, 22 Elena Antonova Workshop «Relationships: ‘Patch’ Search or True Intimacy”
Svetlana Runova Workshop «Working with an internal figure through modeling of clay Masks»
Uliya Smirnova Workshop «Moving towards integrity: understanding loss and betrayal in the framework of spiritual experience and development of awareness, using methods of process-oriented psychology»
Yury Pavlenko Workshop  «Myth of the organization: a study in the history of the beginning of the path»
Elena Margo Workshop «Theater project «Democracy.doc»
Evolutionary track “Integral and Integrative” 
Pier Luigi Lattuada Workshop «Biotransenergetics, Dreaming Body, Passing from the Zero, Persistency of the Contact and Mastery of the Transe»
Siegmar Gerken Lecture «Core Evolution — Tools for Therapy, Healing, Wisdom and Transformation»

Workshop «A Core Dance Movement-Expression Event — The Celebration of Energy and Consciousness»,

Workshop «The Body is the Temple of the Soul — Tools for Evolution»


Dmitry Lepeshev Lecture «Human Unity and the Irreducible Diversity of Contemplative Experience (to the discussion between H. Ferrer and K. Wilber)»
Jure Biechonski Workshop “Death and rebirth”
Alla Kinyakina Lecture «Regression therapy as access to memory resources. Possibilities and limitations of the method»
September, 21, 22 Alexander Savkin Workshop “Irrational ways of decision-making”
September, 21, 22 Yulia Tertyshnaya

Alexander Savkin

Workshop “What is hidden in the leader «Shadow»?”
September, 19, 20 Tatiana Parfenova Lecture “How Awareness of the Integral Framework Fosters Openness toward Higher States of Consciousness at a Meditation Retreat: An Analysis of Personal Experience of 10-day Silent Vipassana Retreats in the Goenka system; at a Theravadin monastery; and at Victor Shiryaev’s Retreats”
Alexey Shindin Lecture “Integral perception of time on higher stages of development: dynamic mosaic structures of types, stages and states of consciousness on evolutional way”

Workshop «Time as a constructed reality: the residence of evolutionary time from different levels of personality integration»

Larisa Savlovskaya Workshop «Your inner Child is the resource of your Life»
Evgene Pustoshkin Lecture “On Non-Anthropomorphic Nature of Human Consciousness: A Perspective of Ken Wilber’s Integral Meta-Theory”

Workshop » Integral Meditation for Waking Up & Growing Up: A Practical Workshop Based on Holoscendence & Ken Wilber’s Integral Meta-Theory”

Andrey Popov Workshop » Therapy of five words.

Modern trends in psychotherapy”

Evolutionary track “Body, Ecology and Society”
September, 21, 22 Ofra Ayalon Workshop «Metaphorical bridges for connecting the Known and the Unknown»
Regina Ursula Hess Master class “The Return of the Medicine Wo-Men Active Dreaming and Collective Constellation Work Experiential Workshop”

Lecture «The Return of the Medicine Wo-Men Healing Our Dissociated Relationship With Nature and Re-Viving Our Archaic Wisdom»

Epp Veski Workshop «Evolutionary practices of equilibrium and centering, comprehension of extremes from the center — for the development of the measurement of the Mid-way”
Ionel Mohîrță Lecture «Techniques to free obstructed acupuncture meridians»
Sergey Strekalov Workshop «Psychology of metareality: we play by the rules of the client

Lecture «Personality structure from the point of view of psychology of human metareality”

Elena Volzhenina Workshop  «Practical application of the qualities of the dual pair» death-rebirth «in the psychological counseling of women with ovarian disease»

Lecture «Recovery of the ovaries in psychological consulting using the qualities of the dual pair «death-rebirth»

Valentina Bondarenko Lecture “Metahistory as an instrument of in-depth knowledge”
September, 20 Svetlana Doroganich Lecture “Dolphin Therapy: Myth or Reality. Ecology of relations between Human and Dolphins and the Roots of Spontaneous Remission”

Workshop “Holistic and Transpersonal Approach to Integrative Aquatic Practices and Swim Lessons. Dolphin Wave program for avoiding and healing a primal trauma”

Irina Lebedeva Lecture «Psychological vitality or thoughts and emotions for health and well-being»
Andrey Anuchin Workshop «Somatic integration»

Lecture «Somatic integration and the evolution of society»

Irina Kuris Workshop «Development of knowledge on the basis of Bioenergoplastics practice»
Marina Belokurova Workshop «The efficiency of body-oriented insight therapy method in regard of work with pathogenic vital attitudes in unconscious body image”
Evolutionary track “World religions”
Soledad Davies Lecture «Astrology and Transpersonal ConsciousnessAstrology and Transpersonal Consciousness»
Anna Schembari, Daniel Dick, Dennis Johnson Lecture «Gathering the Next Generation of Transpersonal Thinkers and Practitioners: Practical and Theoretical Aspects»
Epp Veski Workshop «Attunement of the senses (channels)”
Tina Lindhard Lecture “When a virgin is not a virgin”
Sergey Strekalov Workshop «Transpersonal path of the labyrinth»
Evolutionary track “Shamanism and ancient traditions”
Maria Islas Lecture «Involvement and evolvement, an indigenous Mexican perspective»
Sven Doehner Workshop “VOICE ALCHEMY”: A Transpersonal Practice”
Fabio Alberto Ramirez Tejada Workshop «Duga and Okuirede Medicine»
Arturo De Luca Workshop «The Villa of Mysteries (Pompeii): Ancient healing rituals and Feminine Archetypes in the Transpersonal Journey of the Soul»
Steven Schmitz Lecture «Shamanic Counseling»
Nicolás Cambas Lecture «Unveil the trickster. Art & Shamanism, playfulness, trickster archetype»
Magda Sole Workshop «Shamanic Activation»
Juan Ruiz Naupari Lecture “Essential Shamanism: a journey for the recovery of the soul”
Maxim Oshurkov Lecture «Ancient Practices and modern consciousness: why urban shamans do not happen?”
Elena Ratnichkina Workshop “Ritual postures and ecstatic trance method: on the edge of shamanism and anthropology”
Evolutionary track “Art”
since September, 20 Ana Karina Bertolotto Workshop «Co-creating spiritual reality through performance»
Marleen De Villiers Lecture «Creating a Transpersonal Source of Meaning-making through Art»
Anatoliy Kharkhurin Lecture «Artistic contemplation as a method of studying the processes occurring in the transcendent sphere of the Transpersonal Model of Creativity»
Ingrida Indane Workshop «Developing creativity by playfulness»
Hidai Liberman Workshop «Meet the COD — An introduction to a new wave»
Liv S.M. Evensen Workshop «Art therapy processes in the Gap between Heaven and Earth»
Olga Anisimova Galina Parfenova Workshop «Overtone singing and multidimensional attention»
Gennadiy Brevde Lecture «Creative business — the basic trend and the sharpest challenge of modernity»
1 hour Vladimir Maykov Workshop «How beauty saves the world»

General structure of the conference

September, 19

10.00 – 15.00 Registration

15.00 – 17.30  General Council of EUROTAS

18.00 – 19.30  A grand opening in the Main Hall, the speech of EUROTAS President Bernadette Blin,

ATTP President Vladimir Maikov and a Guest of Honor.

19.30 — 21.00 dinner.

September, 20-23

9.00 – 12.30 — Keynote speeches in the Main Hall (each evolutionary track has the right to submit one key report for 45 minutes) + one speaker for each of the three Main Roundtables (September, 20, 21, 22).

Plenar speeches:

  • Bernadette Blin
  • Vladimir Maykov
  • Pier Luigi Lattuada “Integral and Transpersonal Psychology as a Science
  • Victor Petrenko
  • Marina Belokurova “The Evolutionary Folds: how to cope with pollution in a pace of different aspects of life”
  • Mars Sary «Perspectives of transpersonal psychology in psychiatry and psychotherapy»

Topics for round tables:September, 20 «Psychotherapy as an evolutionary practice»September, 21 «Art as an evolutionary practice»September, 22 «Everyday life as an evolutionary practice» 12.30 — 14.00 Lunch break

14.00 — 19.30 — Work goes in each of the eight evolutionary tracks. The leaders of the tracks choose the format and program of their performances for each day (presentation, round table, master class, etc.). You can apply for both the master class and the lecture, but the final decision depends on the track managers and the number of applications submitted for each evolutionary track. The limit of a lecture to 30 minutes and a master class to 60 minutes tentatively.

September, 23 11-00 to 13-00

Closing of the conference.

Official cultural program:

September, 19 (21.00 – 23.00) — the premiere of my film «Instruments of Evolution» — the continuation of «Dance of Infinity».September, 20 (20.30 – 23.00) — Celebratory concert of Russian masters of artsSeptember, 21 (21.00 – 22.30) — Premiere of the film «The Mystery of Carlos Castaneda» in the main hall and showing other films and video programs in the halls of other evolutionary tracks.September, 22 (20.30 – 23.00) — Concert of amateur activities EUROTAS «Soul of the World». Every evening our partners «GlavTourOperator» will provide an opportunity to visit the theaters of St. Petersburg. After the conference — for those wishing to tour around St. Petersburg and its surroundings.

Pre-conference seminars:


September, 17-19 The seminar on Holotropic Breathing of Ingo Jarsetz and certified practices (beginning September,17 at 18-00, ending September,19 12-30, September,18 — two breath sessions).

until August, 31 – 5 000 rubles

before September, 17 — 6 000 rubles

on the conference day — 7 000 rubles


September, 18 The full day will be the seminar of Sven Doechner (Mexico) «Voice: The Instrument of Shamanic Transfiguration»

until August, 31 – 2 500 rubles

before September, 17 — 3 000 rubles

on the conference day – 4 000 rubles


Post- conference seminars:

September, 23 After dinner will be the seminar of Sigmar Gerken «Somatic awareness and creative expression»

until August, 31 – 2 500 rubles

before September, 17 — 3 000 rubles

on the conference day – 4 000 rubles


September, 24-25 The seminar of Nikolai Oorzhak, Stephen Schmitz and Pierre-Luigi Lattuada on shamanic work with voice and shamanistic travel.

until August, 31 – 5 000 rubles

before September, 17 — 6 000 rubles

on the conference day — 7 000 rubles


September, 24-25 The seminar of Guillermo Luis Orta Betancourt «The Way of Artist and Artist for Everyone»

until August, 31 – 5 000 rubles

before September, 17 — 6 000 rubles

on the conference day — 7 000 rubles