Sven Doehner

SVEN DOEHNER, PhD., MFA., was born, raised and is living in Mexico City.  He is a psychotherapist trained at the C.G. Jung Institute in Boston and in Archetypal Psychology with James Hillman.  In addition to his private practice, he is a teacher and workshop guide, and is currently writing about his work linking vocal sound with images.  He founded the «Instituto de Psicología Profunda en México» in 1991, in order to introduce Junguian Archetypal Psychology to México.  At present, he is the director of the “Instituto Macuil”, which offers a Transpersonal Education in Mexico.


He has given courses and guided workshops and training programs since 1981, in Mexico, Europe, Australia and North as well as South America, blending Junguian Archetypal Psychology with native healing and spiritual practices.  He innovates experiences that give unexpectedly new forms to the images in our dreams and lives through vocal sound-work — generating ongoing somatic, emotional, mental and spiritual healing movements in the lives of those who work with him.

In addition to an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Newport University, he participated in the training program of the C.G. Jung Institute – Boston, worked for one year in Psychiatric Emergencies at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, trained in Alexander Lowen’s Bio-energetics, as a Somatic Movement Educator in the School of BodyMindMovement, and with numerous Voice teachers around the world.

Sven Doehner, PhD, MFA, from Mexico City, is trained in Jungian Archetypal Psychotherapy, Somatic Consciousness and Voice-work. Blending contemporary psychotherapeutic with different ancestral healing traditions, he guides workshops in countries around the world.  His work with sound linked to images in dreams is experiential, innovative and deeply moving.

Workshop “VOICE ALCHEMY”: A Transpersonal Practice”

Among other “operations”, Alchemical Psychology highlights how the “Art of Transformation” involves “dissolving that which is coagulated and coagulating that which is dissolved”.  As an acoustic phenomenon, by its very nature sound does precisely this.

When the sound comes from the Voice, the effects are experienced directly and in magnified and clearly palpable forms.  Emitting vocal sounds is an experience of dissolving something knotted and stuck, while simultaneously giving form and shape to something new. It is a dialectic process and a felt-experience.  The effects of emitting vocal sound are immediate – can “bring consciousness” –  and often remain resonating within the person, far beyond the experiential moment itself.

Vocally expressing the sounds linked to a particularly challenging image (ie. of specific difficulties and fears in an individual´s life, or from a dream) is a valuable tool for awakening awareness and nurturing psychological consciousness.  Linking image-work to voice-practices is a “Voice Alchemy” that can be profoundly transformative, taking us beyond our “ideas about something” into a fresh present moment experience of it that can be genuinely transformative… which happens with and through one´s own particularly unique voice.

Sustained focused vocalization takes on a life of its own, giving palpable form and experience to something not easily seen, while simultaneously leaving significant psychic imprints.  The aim is to nurture a creative dialogue between the inner and outer dimensions of particular life moments.  Using the Voice to give outer form to inner vibrations and movements is an imaginative act that touches and deeply moves the emotional, mental, somatic and spiritual planes of an individual´s sense of self.

Illustrative clinical material grounded in Jungian Archetypal perspectives will guide a presentation (or a workshop) of an innovative practice that responds to the call to action implicit to depth psychological thinking and practice.